EZAZ Traffic Schools Terms & Conditions

Violation eligibility

  1. I have not completed a Defensive Driving class for dismissal of an Arizona civil traffic violation in the one-year period following the date of the violation for which I last attended an Arizona Defensive Driving Program for citation dismissal.
  2. My civil traffic violation did not result from a traffic crash involving a death or a life-threatening serious injury.
  3. I was not cited while driving a commercial vehicle. Effective 08/31/2019, Commercial Drivers License (CDL) holders are eligible for class if cited driving a non-commercial vehicle.
  4. I understand the Defensive Driving Class may dismiss only one eligible civil traffic violation and I must respond to the court’s direction by my Arraignment Date for additional listed violations.
  5. I understand a completion due date extension granted by the school or court of jurisdiction only relates to the eligible civil traffic violation for which I am attending class.
  6. I will complete the 4-hour Arizona Defensive Driving class 7-days prior to my court (Arraignment) date or extension due date.
  7. The citation is in my name. (Photo tickets must be in your name and you must be the person in shown the photograph.)
  8. I must spend 240 minutes (270 minutes maximum) in the course to complete the course.
  9. I understand misrepresentation of information or fraud is a felony punishable by imprisonment if the Arizona State Prison
  10. I have read and understand the school Refund Policy as posted on the web page.
  11. I understand the School Fee is not refundable once the course is started.
  12. I understand the school performs many administrative tasks to successfully process my registration and activate my course. A non-refundable $15.00 fee is charged for this service if I fail to begin the course or I do not complete it in compliance to court rules and state laws.

The traffic violation for which I am attending class will not be dismissed and this matter will be set for a court hearing if I complete the Defensive Driving class and a subsequent records check reveals I did not comply with the requirements listed herein.

The Traffic School checks eligibility prior to the course then again prior to reporting your completion. It is again checked by the court(s) Failure to meet eligibility requirements shall result in your completion for citation dismissal being voided.

I certify I meet the above stated eligibility requirements and understand the requirement to complete the class.

EZ AZ SMS Texting Policy

You agree to receive SMS informational and instructional messages from us. We DO NOT use SMS messages for any marketing purposes, nor do we use an Auto Messaging system. You will receive no more than 5 total information and instructional messages from our staff before, during and after your course. All informational messages will end after your completion is reported to the court.

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